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The Company Idealsad was established in February 2005 by fruit producers from central Poland. There are 33 fruit growers cooperating in production and selling their products – mostly apples, but also:

  •     Plums
  •     Cherries
  •     Pears
  •     Blackcurrants
  •     Gooseberries

All shareholders of our Company have been producing fruit for years, always in compliance with the principles of the Integrated Fruit Production. The main purpose is to produce full-balanced fruit obtained with no harm to the natural environment.
We protect our orchards with the best plant protection agents so that our consumer receives fruit devoid of any remains of health-threatening chemicals. Our long-standing experience led to numerous profitable changes, which enabled us to obtain high-level intensity and modernity of production.

Additionally, a good selection of fruit varieties characterized by unique flavour and long-lasting firmness (storage in modern KA refrigerators) makes our fruit perfect for economic turnover. Until now, each shareholder has dealt with fruit production and sale on his own.Now, to match both Polish and European market requirements, we take steps to offer substantial batch of uniform products at any time throughout the year.
This is achieved by excellent refrigeration facilities (KA refrigerators) and the possibility to accurately sort the products delivered by our producers.

We can offer different-sized packages according to our clients’ needs and deliver fruit to customers all over the country and abroad.

The aim and development direction

The world moves foward, markets are developing and require higher and higher quality of fruit. Ideally, the high quality is confirmed by adequate cerificates.
We have already been producing apples in accordance with IFP principles. We have also obtained GLOBAL G.A.P certificate. Currently we are introducing Tesco Food Manufacturing Standard (TFMS). Our clients’ satisfaction is what we have always cared about.

As producers we wish to supply our customers with apples that are healthy, fresh and pithy. Our group was created so that good-parameter products could be delivered to our consumers’ tables as fast as possible.
The aim of the company is to establish long-lasting, solid and mutually rewarding cooperation with our prospective customers.

Apples offered:

  •     Alwa
  •     Cortland
  •     Delikates
  •     Elstar
  •     Empire
  •     Gala
  •     Geneva Early
  •     Gloster
  •     Golden Delicious
  •     Idared
  •     Jester
  •     Jonagold
  •     Jonica
  •     Ligol
  •     Lobo
  •     Paulared
  •     Pinova
  •     Red Boskoop
  •     Champion
  •     Topaz


Grupa Producentów IDEALSAD Sp.z o.o.
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Mobile +48 604 110 931
Phone/Fax +48 46 861 14 33